miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

¡¡¡¡¡BE CAREFUL!!! The Environment DIE. . :(

The objective of my presentation is show how the marketing industry has damaged the human thought and has led to disrespect to Mother Nature.
I divided my presentation in 3 topics, like that industrialization´s history, the consequences and the change is now
About the first point, for many years the human race has been responsable to mistreat nature and massacring species, at first time was by necessity, well the man had to survive, but he compensated with care and respect for the environment, using only what he needed to survive.
It´s change with the arrival to industry and machinery more exactly with the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the XVIII century, the change that occurs in the europ history for the step from an agrarian economy and craft, to another dominated by industry and the mechanization.
Second: This had fatal consequences in the wild, because the human race didn´t have control on his needs and mistreated more than due the environment.
It´s a terrible problem, but if we don´t do anything now certeinly in a future, the next generation don´t have a decent world.
The third topic: We can change the future now, with a simple items, for example;
We have to turn off the lights in the spaces that we don´t need
We have to save water in the shower
We have to share the transportation with our friends
We have to plant a tree and care it
We have to recycle everything
And the most important key; we must to respect our environment and save wildlife
In conclusion we can say that only of our actions now will improve the life´s future on our planet.

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

BOGOTA; The City That Has It ALL

The exciting Colombian Capital, located in the center of the country; an a elevation of about 2.600 meters, (is the highest city of Colombia), on a mountain rimmed plateau high in the eastern cordillera of the Andes Mountain. This city host seven millions inhabitants from diferent regions of the country. It´s usually that the climate vary between 14°C and 16°C but in the day can be unpredictable changes in the temperature, that´s why you should always carry an umbrella and a good coat.

About the transportation, Bogota has become in a example to follow in Latin America, with a system of the massive transportation called "TRANSMILENIO". It has improve the public movility and the Capital´s organization road.

Also bogota's public transportation is operated with buses, busetas, colectivos, and taxis, bogota have more taxis than anothers importants cities of Colombia, like medellin, cali and cartagena. Some are very old and some are very comfortable and modern.

There are more than one millon vehicles on the streets in Bogota. To reduce traffic congestion, there is a rule called 'pico y placa', it applies to all vehicles, public and private. Pico y Placa means that you can´t drive your car certain days of the week, according to your car plate last number.

More than two hundred thousand foreigners choose Bogota like a touris destination, their love a historical neighboorhoods with a combination of colonial buildings and skyscrapers, like "La Candelaria" with several museums, cultural scenery and art exhibitions, also it´s a place of residence of rebublic´s presindent and the most important powers of the country.
Among the most interesting museums for visit, are:
The famous Gold Museum which is a testimony to native Indian culture
The National Museum, once was a jail called "Panoptico"
The museum of the 20 July or Vases´s house
The Museum of Modern Art
The Estate Quinta de Bolívar, was to Simon Bolivar´s House.

The Rose´s Zone or The T´s Zone, are the best places for shopping fun, entertainment and gourmet typical food like Ajiaco and Sancocho, its very delicious.
Bogota is the best destination to have an excellent and unusual vacations at any time of year, the people always are as friendly as all Colombians.